Team with the intelligence of Nature and discover the power of true living soil.







Get the help you need to analyze and understand the key components of growing with the strength of nature's living soil through lab analytics and guidance from our team. Learning how to establish and manage the Soil Food Web is the foundation of what we teach. We will help you understand those processes that limit life in the soil, and those that help them thrive. 


Our lab analysis is a simple tool for investigating the quality of your soils health. We utilize both the power of the soil food web and mineral balance to fully rehabilitate your living soil. We help you understand the timing and frequency of the labs appropriate for your crop and management modalities.


Learn about soil health, the importance of a strong soil microbial community, and how these impact crop quality and farm productivity. We regularly make presentations on soil health and crop management. We also offer educational modules, masterclasses, webinars and workshops.  Get your learning on!


Custom Nutritional Plans

Microbial Analysis & Other Lab Testing

Pesticide-free Integrated Pest Management

Full Farm Consulting & Analytics

Biologically Complete Composting Technology

Biologically Complete Crop Production

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