“Helping farmers thrive is our passion”



We are a pair of Certified Soil Life Consultants, taught by Dr Elaine Ingham dedicated to showing others how to take the action steps needed to unlock the solutions that are under our feet.  Our passion is helping farmers thrive while teaching them the science and power of nature.  We take the time to teach, nurture, and help our clients move from concept to reality while unlocking the true genetic potential of your plants.


At Crescive, we are leading industry research in the understanding of Soil Food Web functions and how these vital functions can affect the bottom line.  We deliver actionable advice and detailed processes based on the latest research, and data driven growth.


We’ve seen firsthand how the power of the Soil Food Web can elevate a company from a commodity to an industry leader. Teaming with the science of mother nature can rescue a business from the trenches of an impossible-to-win war on pests, to motivating growers, employees, and customers alike to become full-fledged fans. We develop the tools, show you how to use them, and provide the analysis that helps you sleep at night.


Scott Skamnes


Scott grew up in an agricultural family and saw the plight of the farmers in trying to raise a crop based on synthetic fertilizers. He became disillusioned and left his career to study Dr. Elaine Ingham's soil research. Scott has applied his produce industry insights and his knowledge in soil research to become a foremost expert on understanding the soil, and how to produce effective Biological treatments.  He understands the "living nature" of the soil organisms, the cultivation process, and how to find peak performance in a facility.

Sara Skamnes


Sara graduated from the University of Utah with her BSN in the science of nursing and had a successful career in nurse management prior to her work in soil restoration. Because of this, Sara has a unique perspective to treat the soil as the patient.  Sara is instrumental in running the lab and has a talent for procedures and a keen eye for details. She is our composting expert and worked closely with Dr. Elaine Ingham for several years mentoring students and teaching future Soil Life Consultants. She now mentors her own students and clients.