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to Healthy Living Soil



Most soils are at some level of imbalance and degradation both in microbial communities and in other key markers of soil health.  This leads to a frustrating growing experience and can cost you in quality and yield if not addressed. Learn how to grow vibrant crops through biologically complete crop production.


At Crescive, we start with a thorough lab analysis of your site.  We assess the current microbial balance as well as the chemical and physical components of your soil.  We utilize water quality testing as its the main source of life for your soil microbes and your plants.  This information allows us to establish a baseline and formulate a plan that addresses key barriers to success in laying the foundation to a healthy and productive living soil, specific to your context. 


With your plan in place, we’ll guide you and your team through every step of the process.  We will teach you the timing and appropriate application of biological amendments and nutritional support for the best possible outcome.  We’ll address any necessary changes to cultivation techniques as well.  Our goal is to make your farm profitable in the first season of transition to healthy living soil.


Follow up is important to quantifying success.  You will learn the appropriate timing of follow-up lab analysis and site visits to assess your soils progress.  Routine feedback from you and your team is necessary and highly encouraged to maintain communication that allows for the best results. This helps us to identify what is working and any issues that may need attention in a timely manner. 


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