We can do extensive testing of your site to assess full suitability for the crop you are trying to grow. This can include pesticides, heavy metals, water and mineral analysis.  Contact us for more information today!




The biological assessment is our specialty.  We use Dr Elaine Inghams method of direct microscopy to analyze and calculate the biomass of key microorganisms that indicate your soils current level of health. This analysis allows you to quantify the nutrient cycling capabilities and the disease susceptibility of your soil.  It is instrumental for farmers looking to find peak performance and efficiency from their living soil.  The analysis comes in a simple and easy to understand report. The report includes: 

  • Total Bacteria 

  • Total Fungi

  • Fungi to Bacteria ratio 

  • Protozoa- flagellates, amoeba 

  • Nematodes - bacterial, fungal, predatory and root feeding, 

  • Anaerobic Indicators such as Oomycetes and Ciliates and root feeding Nematodes.



*Crescive Labs currently cannot accept International soil samples for Analysis


Soil Sampling Instructions

Submitting Form by Mail:  Please label each sample with sample name and date sample taken. Ship samples along with completed bioassay form to the address listed on the form. Ship “Next Day” or similar service. Results will be sent via email, unless otherwise requested.

Submitting Form OnlineFill out the online form below, provide payment and submit.  Your form will come directly to us.  Next, label your sample with your name and date sample taken. Ship sample to the address below. Ship “Next Day” or similar service. Results will be sent via email, unless otherwise requested. For multiple samples, please submit via mailing option.


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INCLUDES: Total Bacteria, Total Fungi, F:B, Protozoa, Nematodes,

Anaerobic Indicators (typical turn around is 3 - 5 days)

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