ProVita is an organically complexed fermentation derivative designed to potentiate mineral nutrients. ProVita functions as a superfood for beneficial soil microorganisms. Fungi and protozoa, generally the most lacking of the beneficial soil microbes, show the greatest response to ProVita. Unavailable soil minerals are made plant available by ProVita and applied nutrients are made more efficient and availability is extended. ProVita contains extracts of humic and fulvic acid as result of a lengthy and complex process. In addition to vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, ProVita is comprised of functional groups of phenols, carboxylates, glycolipids, glycopeptones, and lipopeptones. These biosurfactants are part of a total of 37% organic matter found in ProVita.


Compared to a humic acid control, compost treated with ProVita showed a 146% increase in total beneficial fungi and an increase in beneficial nutrient cycling protozoa of 4,800%

ProVita has a unique molecular structure that allows for the stabilization of mineral nutrients (both anions and cations) in a way that makes them available to plants in a size small enough to pass through leaf membranes. This makes for more effective foliar applications, going from an average uptake of 20% - 40% using standard chelators, fulvic or humic acids, to an average uptake of 95% - 98% uptake using ProVita.

Keystone75 is a concentrated colloidal mineral blend that is designed to provide a balanced supply of Calcium, Phosphorous and seventy-five trace minerals in a synergistic mixture of humate material. Keystone75 is micronized to an extremely small particle size, which guarantees that it is highly bioavailable and versatile for effective use as a foliar or soil application. The abundance of trace minerals that Keystone75 provides function as cofactors which facilitate all of the enzymatic functions of the plant, therefore producing plants that grow to a higher genetic potential. The calcium and phosphorus supplied by keystone are highly plant available without being water soluble and therefore have no inhibitory effects on the beneficial soil microorganisms. In fact, Keystone75 proves to be a very high quality catalyst for beneficial soil microbes.


Provita & Keystone 75

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Provita & Keystone 75

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