Biological Complete

Thermal Composting 101

Making this special type of thermal compost is time-consuming and can be frustrating as the learning curve is steep. The goal of this module is to fast track your learning curve to successful biologically complete compost in the shortest amount of time possible.  

This Module Provides:

  • The science that drives this tech.

  • Complete walk through on making a successful biologically complete thermal compost pile.

  • Complete equipment list.

  • Ingredient details with ingredient behavior and variables to watch for.

  • Troubleshooting tips needed to be successful.  

  • C:N ratio cheat sheet.

  • Thermal Composting log.

  • Thermal Composting Vitals cheat sheet.

  • Pro tips that go into making good biologically complete thermal compost.

Biologically Complete

Thermal Composting

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